Do you know that drinking water is a very important part of your pet’s daily nutrition?  Adequate good water ingestion and hydration is important for your pet to maintain proper circulation and to keep their health in tip-top condition, especially so for their heart, intestines and pancreas. Here’s why Kangen Water for Pets is good, in particular, dogs.


People think and believe that dogs drink what they need but in actual fact, they drink what they are given.  Especially during warm weather conditions like in Singapore, they need even more water to prevent getting dehydrated.

Kangen Water for Pets

Our dog, Max (a Maltese mix) loves Kangen Water because he can smell that the Kangen Water is free from chlorine smell. The water tastes better and smoother. Max is given 8.5pH level of Kangen Water and we can see the difference. He is more energetic, no doubt that he is already 12 years of age, has brighter eyes and a shiner coat. Feedback given from the vet said that his joints were still in good condition. And if you’re wondering, his poo and urine do not have the strong ammonia smell.

Max does not only drink Kangen ionized water. We bathe him with Kangen Anespa to keep his coat shinier and have a healthier skin.

dog sleeping

How to make your dog drink water

Here are 3 tips on how to help your dog drink more water to keep their body functioning well.

  1. Put the drinking bowl at a specific location.
  2. Make sure that the water is changed daily. The bowl should be cleaned daily as well so that slime which can contain harmful bacteria does not build up on the bowl.
  3. You can add Kangen Water into your dog’s food, especially if your dog is taking dry food. Dry food contains about less than 10% of moisture.

Footnote:  Not only dogs can drink kangen ionized water, other pets such as cats, horses, birds and even rabbits can drink Kangen Water too.

dog drink water