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Organic Blending with Kangen Water

We organized an Organic Blending with Kangen Water workshop conducted in Mandarin at our showroom a few months ago with a pretty good turn up! All seats were taken and the room was packed.

ah chun blendingThe speaker, Ah Chun, is from Kuala Lumpur and a passionate leader from the Malaysia Enagic Kangen Group. Ah Chun explained about the benefits of blending organic fruits and veggies together.







No doubt organic fruits and veggies are pesticides free, it is imperative to use our 11.5pH Strong Alkaline Water to clean the fruits properly for the food to stay fresh throughout the session! Soak the fruits and vegetables with 2.5pH strong acidic water for 5 mins and soak 11.5pH strong alkaline for 15 mins.  Rinse off the water.

blending ingredients

Use fruits such as lemon, bananas, pineapple, honey dew, rock melon, tomatoes, passion fruits and apples. For vegetables, use beetroot, pumpkin, carrot, bean sprout (if possible, grow your own bean sprout which is easy to do), bok choy, broccoli and even spinach.  Nuts such as almond and walnut can be added.  Add in wolfberries, seedless red dates as well as honey dates too.

blending ingredients

Do not add sweet potatoes or potatoes as it will be too starchy.

Benefits of blending

Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice is a delicious way to get plenty of vitamins and nutrients. The resulting liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals (phyto nutrients) found in the whole fruit. However, whole fruits and vegetables also have healthy fiber. With a good electric blender, you can juice your favorite fruits and vegetables and create an endless varieties of tasty combinations.



If you are diabetic, refrain from adding banana and honey dates.  Do not add ice to blend as it will kill the entire natural enzyme in the fruits and veggies.blending with kangen water

  • Begin adding into the blender, any 6 fruits and any 4 pcs of  vegetables
  • Add 5 pcs of almond and 4 pcs of walnut
  • Next, add in 20 pcs of wolfberries
  • 5 seedless red dates
  • 1 whole lemon with skin
  • 1 passion fruit only pulp (discard the husk)
  • Add 3/4 of 9.5pH Kangen Water to be fill in the blender
  • Turn blender on medium speed for 20-30 seconds, followed by 1 minute on high speed
  • Consume drink one hour before food


Kangen Article

5 Water Types from Kangen Water

Our Kangen machines are capable of producing up to 5 water types that vary in pH levels to be used for different purposes.

Click the links below to find out more about each water type.

Kangen Drinking Water (pH 8.5, 9.0, 9.5)

Clean Water (pH 7.0)

Beauty Water (pH 4.0 – 6.0)

Strong Alkaline Water (pH 11.0)

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5)

Kangen Drinking Water (pH 8.5, 9.0, 9.5)



With a pH level between 8.5 to 9.5, this water is suitable for drinking as it restores the body to a healthy an alkaline state. Unlike ordinary tap water, Kangen Drinking Water has a pleasant taste and is easy to drink.

Soup & Stews


With its micro-clustering molecules, Kangen Drinking Water is able to bring out the best flavours of your ingredients by making it juicy and tender. Use it to create a soup base and be amazed at how tasty your food can be!



Kangen Drinking Water has the ability to stimulate plant growth and germination development. It is able to hydrate plants giving them the nourishment they require.

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Clean Water (pH 7.0)



With a neutral pH of 7.0, Clean Water is suitable to be used when consuming your medication. Unlike Kangen Drinking Water, it penetrates at a slower rate which does not disrupt the dissolution of your medicine.

Baby Food


When preparing your baby food and milk, you may use Clean Water as babies tend to have relatively alkaline bodies.


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Beauty Water (pH 4.0 – 6.0)

This water is not suitable for drinking.

Personal Care (Hair and Face)


Due to its astringent properties, Beauty water can be used as an effective toner after cleansing or shaving as it firms up the skin. Store it in a spray and use it to freshen up your face or hair to let that shine through.

Pet Care


Use Beauty water as the last step of your pet’s shower to soften and protect its natural fur coat. Using it as a spray during daily combing is effective as well.


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Strong Alkaline Water (pH 11.0)

This water is not suitable for drinking.

Food Preparation

The Strong Alkaline water is highly effective in removing pesticides, wax coatings, proteins and fats from your raw ingredients. This helps to prevent bacterial growth and other harmful chemicals that have been attached to your raw food.



Its strong cleaning effect can be used for grease cleaning (emulsifies oil), stain removal, and general kitchen cleaning.


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Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5)

This water is not suitable for drinking.



Its disinfecting properties allows you to sanitise minor cuts, wounds and even kitchen utensils that may breed germs.



Many hospitals in Japan and doctors have used Strong Acidic water as a form of treatment for Athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders.


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Kangen Article

Problems with Commonly Used Water

Both tap and bottled water come from surface and ground water sources.  Surface sources include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs and wells.  We would never drink water from a lake or stream because we know it is very likely contaminated.

On the other hand, groundwater created from rain, snow, sleet and hail soaks into the ground. It goes through the public water filtration system. The water is filtered through layers of permeable rock, clay, gravel and sand. The last step is to add in fluoride and chlorine.

tap water

Pumped into the tap, the water is accessible for drinking and serves many other purposes.  As water travels over the surface of the land or through the ground, it can pick up contaminants such as rust, parasites, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), lead, parasites and other waterborne diseases.



Is bottled water safe?


Nowadays, many people consume bottled water for convenience.  But is bottled water safe?  Is it a healthier alternative to tap water? You decide.  Bottled water is pricey compared to tap water,and it varies dramatically in quality.  An estimated 40 to 70% of bottled water is no better than tap water.  A pretty label affixed to the bottle implies the water inside the bottle is as natural as that of mountain spring or glacier, but how true that is, is for you to find out.




Danger of plastic bottles

Heat increases the release of chemicals from the plastic bottles. Due to transportation from one city to another, how long the water has been stored in the bottle is unsure of. As the plastic breaks down over time, BPA (Bisphenol Acid) is released into the water held in the polycarbonate bottles, particularly when the bottle is heated (especially in a heated car/van) or repeatedly washed. There are harmful effect of BPA to the body.

Dr Theodore Baroody, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. Nutrition and author of the classic book, Alkalize or Die states that “One glass of ionized water can hydrate your body better than gallons of any other water”.


Contact me for a free trial on the water filter we used to purify and ionize the water we should drink.

ukon tumeric
Kangen Article

5 benefits of Kangen Ukon

Derived from wild turmeric and enriched with high quality essential oils, Kangen Ukon uses an innovative patented process for each individually enclosed capsule. Here’s 5 benefits of Kangen Ukon you need to know.

Natural anti-inflammatory properties

One of the main ingredients in Kangen Ukon is Curcumin. Curcumin, or more commonly known as turmeriturmericc, is well known for its ability to fight inflammation in the body. What’s more, it is a free radical scavenger and powerful antioxidant.


Kangen Ukon’s turmeric is grown in Yanbaru, the northern tip of the island of Okinawa. Yanbaru is often referred to as “nature’s treasure” (shizen no takara) in Japanese. kangen ukon farmThe dedicated farms in Yanbaru still stick to conventional turmeric farming methods. Farmers are provided with organic hand-made fertilizers made by Enagic. The fertilizers consists of a mixture of rice barn, charcoal and recycled vegetal. These farmers grow the turmeric without the use of pesticides, dangerous chemicals or insecticides, making it 100% free of harmful chemicals.


Each Kangen Ukon capsule also contains Tocotrienol, a “Super Vitamin E” found in rice, is loaded with strong antioxidants.


Weight Management

tocotrienolTurmeric is also useful in reducing weight gain. Since turmeric is able to fight inflammation by suppressing inflammatory messaging in fat, pancreatic and muscle cells, this action helps to curb against insulin resistance, high blood sugar and other metabolic conditions that result from obesity.


Helpful for the heart


Olive oil

Each Kangen Ukon capsule also contains Flaxseed and Olive Oil. These oils help to promote healthy cardiovascular function and maintain healthy cholesterol levels, in particular, healthy levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL).



Flaxseed oil is primarily composed of omega-3 fatty acid commonly found in fish oil. It promotes healthy cardiovascular function and maintains cholesterol levels.



Evening Primrose Oil

Another oil included in each capsule is the Evening Primrose oil. Known for its ability to maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels, Evening Primrose oil is an unsaturated fatty acid which contains more than 9% Gamma linolenic acid.


100% Organic

ukon manufacturing processThe 100% plant-based, patented soft gel capsule is made with antioxidant ingredients such as olive oil, perilla oil, flaxseed and tocotrienol. In addition, carrageenan, a seaweed derivative, is used as an ingredient for the coating of the capsule.

Every ingredient is 100% plant-based and vegetarian-friendly, with absolutely no usage of animal products in any way.



Use of Kangen Water

Kangen Ukon is cleansed and sanitized by Strong Alkaline Water and Strong Acidic Water at our Enagic Ukon Factory. The strong alkaline water ensures unwanted substance are removed without the use of harmful chemicals while the strong acidic water sanitize the capsule in the most natural way possible. This makes Kangen Ukon safe for consumption!  Moreover, this is the first supplement ever produced by combining curcumin, Kangen Water® and 100% additive-free Ukon essential oils.

Kangen machine ukon


After reading up  about the health benefits Kangen Ukon brings, it’s time to give Kangen Ukon a try! Contact me to find out more!

American Ginseng soup

American Ginseng and Cordyceps Herbal Chicken Soup

American Ginseng and Cordyceps Herbal Chicken Soup has many therapeutic effects. It is tonic for qi, promotes generation of vital fluids, and strengthens the spleen and lungs. The Cordyceps Sinensis is a superior energy tonic itself. It strengthens the energy of your kidneys, lungs and heart. This is good for people who suffers from fatigue, insomnia, and  incontinence.


  • 1 fresh chicken or 4 chicken legs
  • Supreme American ginseng Tea Bag – 1 packet or 20gm of American ginseng
  • 1 Bundle Cordyceps Sinensis
  • 1 pulp Garlic (Rinsed)
  • 5 seedless Red Dates (Rinsed)
  • 20gms Fructus Lycii (Chinese Wolfberries)
  • Dried Scallop 3 pieces or Mushroom (Optional)
  • 1tsp Sea Salt or to taste
  • 1.5litre of 9.5pH Kangen Water


Prep TimeCookReady In
20 mins90 mins110 mins



1. Wash and clean the chicken. If you are using a whole chicken, keep it whole or cut it into large pieces.

2. Remove some fatty skin and fat from the chicken. Cut the chicken legs in half. Poach the chicken in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds, then remove and drain. Alternatively, scald the chicken with 9.5pH boiling water.

3. In a large earthen pot, bring Kangen Water to boil. Place the chicken in together with all the other ingredients, except the salt. Reduce heat to simmer (lowest fire) for one and a half hour. Do not replenish anymore water.

4. After one and a half hour, remove from the heat. Discard American Ginseng tea bag and garlic pulp. Next, stir in the salt to your taste and serve hot. If you are using the packet ginseng, take note not to break the bag.


Cook this once a month or once in two months for whole family to consume.


Chilled Sour Plum Infusion with Osmanthus Flower

Chilled Sour Plum Infusion with Osmanthus Flower Recipe

Ingredients :

  • 5 to 6 Sour Plum (suanmei)
  • 20-25 pieces sliced dried hawthorn fruits (shanzha pian)
  • 5-6 pieces sliced dried licorice root (gancao)
  • 3 pieces of tangerine peel (chenpi)
  • 4 big cups 9.5 Kangen water
  • 1 piece of honey rock sugar to taste
  • 2 Tbsp of dried osmanthus blossoms (guihua)


1. Place the sour plums, hawthorn fruits, licorice root, and tangerine peel in a sieve and rinse them well under running 9.5 Kangen water.

2. Shake them dry and place them in a pot. Pour 4 big cups of 9.5 Kangen water over the dry ingredients and let them soak for at least an hour to soften and extract the flavor.

3. Bring the pot to a full boil. Then, lower the heat to a gentle simmer for about 1 hour. Add in rock sugar and simmer the infusion until the sugar melts; taste and add more if you want.

4. Add the osmanthus blossoms last and turn off fire so that the flavors can steep together. Let the infusion cool to room temperature.

5. Chill it overnight to allow the flavors to develop. Strain and add cold water to make 4 cups, or to taste. Serve chilled.

I simply love this chilled sour plum infusion with osmanthus flower. It’s refreshing and delicious. A slice of licorice root has natural anti-inflammatory properties. However, a possible side effect of licorice root is high blood pressure. If you are having this symptom, go easy with the licorice root.


Serving Size :

For Whole Family to consume


Yvonne Ho


Kangen Factory Tour

This post shows the quality of the Enagic-produced Water Ionizers that provide Kangen water®  to thousands across the world.

Below are some pictures of the Enagic Kangen factory in Japan. Machines are manufactured and assembled to the highest standards possible.