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Derived from wild turmeric and enriched with high quality essential oils, Kangen Ukon uses an innovative patented process for each individually enclosed capsule. Here’s 5 benefits of Kangen Ukon you need to know.

Natural anti-inflammatory properties

One of the main ingredients in Kangen Ukon is Curcumin. Curcumin, or more commonly known as turmeriturmericc, is well known for its ability to fight inflammation in the body. What’s more, it is a free radical scavenger and powerful antioxidant.


Kangen Ukon’s turmeric is grown in Yanbaru, the northern tip of the island of Okinawa. Yanbaru is often referred to as “nature’s treasure” (shizen no takara) in Japanese. kangen ukon farmThe dedicated farms in Yanbaru still stick to conventional turmeric farming methods. Farmers are provided with organic hand-made fertilizers made by Enagic. The fertilizers consists of a mixture of rice barn, charcoal and recycled vegetal. These farmers grow the turmeric without the use of pesticides, dangerous chemicals or insecticides, making it 100% free of harmful chemicals.


Each Kangen Ukon capsule also contains Tocotrienol, a “Super Vitamin E” found in rice, is loaded with strong antioxidants.


Weight Management

tocotrienolTurmeric is also useful in reducing weight gain. Since turmeric is able to fight inflammation by suppressing inflammatory messaging in fat, pancreatic and muscle cells, this action helps to curb against insulin resistance, high blood sugar and other metabolic conditions that result from obesity.


Helpful for the heart


Olive oil

Each Kangen Ukon capsule also contains Flaxseed and Olive Oil. These oils help to promote healthy cardiovascular function and maintain healthy cholesterol levels, in particular, healthy levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL).



Flaxseed oil is primarily composed of omega-3 fatty acid commonly found in fish oil. It promotes healthy cardiovascular function and maintains cholesterol levels.



Evening Primrose Oil

Another oil included in each capsule is the Evening Primrose oil. Known for its ability to maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels, Evening Primrose oil is an unsaturated fatty acid which contains more than 9% Gamma linolenic acid.


100% Organic

ukon manufacturing processThe 100% plant-based, patented soft gel capsule is made with antioxidant ingredients such as olive oil, perilla oil, flaxseed and tocotrienol. In addition, carrageenan, a seaweed derivative, is used as an ingredient for the coating of the capsule.

Every ingredient is 100% plant-based and vegetarian-friendly, with absolutely no usage of animal products in any way.



Use of Kangen Water

Kangen Ukon is cleansed and sanitized by Strong Alkaline Water and Strong Acidic Water at our Enagic Ukon Factory. The strong alkaline water ensures unwanted substance are removed without the use of harmful chemicals while the strong acidic water sanitize the capsule in the most natural way possible. This makes Kangen Ukon safe for consumption!  Moreover, this is the first supplement ever produced by combining curcumin, Kangen Water® and 100% additive-free Ukon essential oils.

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After reading up  about the health benefits Kangen Ukon brings, it’s time to give Kangen Ukon a try! Contact me to find out more!